About Me

As a military veteran and dedicated trade professional, Eva Lever understands the central role of supply management and logistics planning, including the trade compliance required to ensure that both of those functions are executed appropriately. Throughout her years of work in these areas, Eva has excelled in her ability to support both the domestic and international trading activities of companies all across the United States. As a consultant, she offers valuable insight into all aspects of global trade, with expertise in supply chain and logistics for biological and pharmaceutical materials, as well as hazardous materials, raw agricultural products and other time-sensitive cargo.

Career History

Eva Lever has held many responsibilities throughout the years, all further developing her skills. Some of her noted experience includes:

Business Development Manager

Logistics Manager

Transportation Manager

Trade Compliance Specialist

International Operations Coordinator

Given her rich experience working with logistical operations for prominent organizations, Eva has the ability to provide expert insight into supply chain issues and trade compliance risk. Her work as a consultant demonstrates a technical knowledge of the industry, as well as provides candid observations on organizational functions and areas of opportunity to improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. A professional relationship with Eva is founded on clear and transparent communication, a deep recognition of cross-cultural and global issues and critical attention to detail to help achieve short and long-term organizational goals.

Colleague Recognition

Eva’s abilities have been recognized by several of her colleagues, and this feedback says a lot about her ability to make a significant impact on her client relationships. A common theme among her recommendations is admiration for her professionalism and dedication. Eva thrives on looking for solutions and working with others to develop processes and procedures that make things happen. She has an uncanny ability to quickly and accurately analyze the important metrics from reports to provide valuable, data-supported advice.

Although her colleagues respect and admire her can-do attitude, it is her ability to seamlessly work with others and communicate clearly that makes her a valuable asset in this industry and warrants praise. Eva develops strong personal relationships where she remains dedicated, professional and optimistic about the job that needs to be done.

Current Goals and Duties

Working with startups, small and mid-size enterprises is where Eva makes her mark. A changing global economy has put a spotlight on SMEs, as these are the foundations of economies around the world. However, navigating a global stage can also be challenging for the small business owner without the resources, personnel or experience needed for these transactions. This is where Eva becomes a valuable tool for success. Her efforts deliver exceptional results across operations whether you're the exporter/importer, shipper/consignee, manufacturer/supplier, forwarder/broker, 3PL/4PL or service provider.

She believes in providing clients and businesses with an honest assessment of their processes and identifying key areas of change to promote efficiency. She specifically addresses the following areas:

Trade compliance at the local, state, federal and international level

All aspects of logistical services including transport, storage and shipping

Procurement of goods and services through purchasing, inventory management and production control

Of special interest and experience is the ability to manage the logistics of cargo with special accommodations. These niche areas include:

Temperature-controlled materials

Fine art requiring special packaging

Raw agricultural products

Time-sensitive parts of aircraft on the ground


Hazardous materials

Educational Background

Eva attended St. John’s University, a higher education institution known for its world-class academics. With an academic background in homeland security, Eva is fully aware of the importance of protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure by recognizing the impact private industries have on well-functioning and efficient systems for telecommunications, agriculture, transportation, energy and so much more. It is this keen understanding that allows her to think critically about the interaction of one company as a bigger player on the global stage and provide unique insight for change.

Charitable Involvement

Eva’s efforts in the areas of supply chain management and logistics planning aren’t her only passions. She is also deeply committed to making a positive impact to those in need of support. One area of her charitable involvement is the Central Texas Food Bank. This organization is dedicated to helping one of the fast-growing regions in the nation by providing nutritious food for those who can’t always afford it. Eva has also worked with the Inside Books Project. This community service organization empowers those incarcerated by sending them free educational materials and books. She is also involved with Revolution Church where lives are changed and strengthened.

Combining her educational background, work experience and personal interests, Eva Lever brings a transformative approach to issues regarding the supply chain, logistics and trade compliance industries. Her skills and dedication continue to help clients and businesses thrive in a global economy while navigating the challenges they encounter along the way.


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